Democratic Party of Wisconsin praises likely Republican presidential candidate and misogynist employer Jeb Bush in a tweet

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which is supposed to be promoting Democratic candidates for various offices in Wisconsin, sent out a tweet praising Jeb Bush, a likely candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in next year’s presidential race who recently hired a rabid sexist to run his campaign’s technology operation should he run for president:

While I admire transparency in politics, I find it highly inappropriate for a state-level Democratic Party organization to use its social media accounts to praise Republicans, which is far too common in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Past examples of Republican praising by Wisconsin Democrats include U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, 2014 Democratic Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, and 2014 Wisconsin State Senate candidate Martha Laning, among others, running TV ads praising Republicans, as well as numerous Democrats and many progressives praising former Republican Wisconsin State Senator Dale Schultz. Also, for the DPW to praise Jeb Bush for transparency is absolutely asinine, especially when one considers the fact that, in the document dump that the DPW apparently referenced, Jeb revealed the social security numbers of many Florida residents, which is a major violation of people’s privacy.

The DPW’s pro-Jeb Bush tweet and the culture of Republican praising that is far too commonplace in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is one of many reasons why Mike Tate, Jason Rae, and Chris “Boss” Abele, which is what I like to call the troika of Wisconsin Democratic politics, as well as the rest of the joke of a “leadership” team has failed Wisconsin Democrats on many levels and absolutely sucks at political messaging.


6 thoughts on “Democratic Party of Wisconsin praises likely Republican presidential candidate and misogynist employer Jeb Bush in a tweet

  1. Aaron Camp, could you please show/tell us where exactly there is praise for Jeb Bush in the tweet? Laura is correct, there is none. The tweet is using Bush’s actions to highlight Walker’s penchant for secrecy; a.k.a.- chastising Walker. As for your disdain of what you describe as praising a Republican/right-wing, you don’t seem to understand the concept of showing appreciation to someone for their help. If not for the “handful of times’ in which Dale Schultz voted against Walker, Wisconsin would be a very different place right now, particularly our geographical environment. There is nothing wrong with thanking people who help the Left’s cause, no matter the person’s political alignment or loyalties. Fact is, a Minority Party would never be able to accomplish anything, if it weren’t for at least some of their opposition in the Majority Party, voting with them on their issues.


    1. Part of the tweet reads “…@JebBush released hundreds of thousands of emails…”. That’s why I criticized the DPW for praising Republicans, since the tweet used Jeb to bash Walker, which is what I consider to be effectively praising Jeb. I didn’t originally mention this in the blog post, but, in the Jeb Bush document release that the DPW mentioned, I read on multiple online news websites that Jeb released the social security numbers of many Florida residents, which is a huge breach of privacy. Also, regarding your remarks bashing me for criticizing Dale Schultz for being a right-wing Republican, Schultz voted to gerrymander Wisconsin’s congressional and state legislative districts to benefit his Republican cronies. That’s enough for me to criticize him right there.


    2. Also, Scott Walker has signed into law common-sense legislation supported by Chris Taylor (in her case, a bill to require independent investigations of deaths that occur in police custody in Wisconsin) and Melissa Sargent (in her case, a bill to prohibit employers from requesting access to personal social media accounts), and he never once thanked either of them for supporting those things to my knowledge. Don’t go around calling me an unappreciative person, since I’ve done more to thank those who’ve helped me write this blog (I frequently cite other bloggers on here) than most GOP politicians have to praise those who have helped them do their jobs (after all, few Republicans would publicly admit to being part of ALEC).


      1. First of all, nothing I had written was “bashing” you. In fact, the extent to which I mention anything about you, personally, was with regard to the disdain for Left to Right appreciation which you clearly expressed in your post. I didn’t say you are an “unappreciative person,” but that you don’t seem to understand the concept of appreciation. And based on your responses to my comment, I’m now certain you don’t. I’m also certain, having read your most recent comments, that your grasp of even the basic actions, or processes, necessary for a government to function properly, and democratically, is lacking. This being said, it’s not likely that further discussion would be very productive; particularly given your apparent inability to distinguish between a subjective observation, based on your writing, and a personal attack.


    1. Yes, the tweet in question attacked Walker for refusing to answer media questions, but the tweet also praised Jeb Bush. The Democratic Party’s messaging, whether it be in Wisconsin, other states, or at the federal level, should be to promote and praise Democratic candidates and progressive ideals, not praise a right-wing Republican like Jeb Bush. This reminds me far too much of Wisconsin Democrats praising Dale Schultz constantly the last few years he was in the Wisconsin State Senate despite the fact that he only voted against Walker a handful of times.


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