ENDORSEMENT: Nancy Rotering for 10th Congressional District of Illinois

While I live in a different Illinois congressional district, I’m proud to endorse Nancy Rotering in the U.S. House race in the 10th Congressional District of Illinois, which includes much of Lake County and parts of northern Cook County.

Prior to entering electoral politics, Rotering earned college degrees from three of the most well-respected universities in the country, two of which are located in Illinois, and worked as a finance executive for General Motors. As Mayor of Highland Park, Illinois, Rotering helped establish a legal aid clinic to, among other things, help apartment renters take on bad landlords who wronged them. Rotering has long been committed to empowering voters and protecting the environment, as she is an active member of the League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club. Rotering is also a strong supporter of common-sense gun safety measures.

Rotering’s Democratic primary challenger, Brad Schneider, is a D.C. insider who has the backing of his fellow political insiders, including failed Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Schneider is part of the same failed Democratic establishment that wants to implement a corporate, pro-Wall Street agenda in this country. Schneider has used dirty tricks to win Democratic primaries before, and that’s because he and his insider buddies don’t care about the people of the 10th District of Illinois.

I strongly encourage voters in the 10th Congressional District of Illinois to vote in the Democratic primary for Nancy Rotering. You can view Rotering’s website here, and her campaign also maintains Facebook and Twitter pages.


4 thoughts on “ENDORSEMENT: Nancy Rotering for 10th Congressional District of Illinois

  1. Sorry, Aaron. Democrats in the 10th District know that Brad Schneider isn’t a D.C. insider. Dold is an exceptionally strong campaigner, and Schneider has what it takes to win. Rotering’s campaign has been amateur… at best.


    1. Brad Schneider is not a D.C. insider? Of course he’s a D.C. insider, and that’s because he worked in D.C. for two years! Even worse, he frequently sided with Wall Street and other corporate interests when he was a Member of Congress.


  2. I’m a Highland Park progressive and Nancy Rotering does not match my values. Don’t get wrapped up in rhetoric. She’s to the right of Schneider and I’d much rather have him in Washington than Dold or Rotering.


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