One week in, and my effort to lose weight is working!

AUTHOR’S NOTE #1: The blog post includes measurements in U.S. customary and metric units, with metric conversions in parenthesis and courtesy of Wolfram|Alpha, except for a figure that was calculated by subtracting two metric figures, which was calculated by me.

AUTHOR’S NOTE #2: This blog post is merely a documentation of the author’s obesity problems and attempts at weight loss, and the post is not intended to give weight loss or other medical advice to anyone. When in doubt, seek advice from a licensed physician before starting a weight loss or other fitness regimen.

As I wrote about on here earlier this month, I’m trying to lose weight after years of being severely overweight.

Well, it’s been a week since I started trying to lose weight, and my effort to lose weight is working!

When I started trying to lose weight a week ago, I weighed in at 281.5lbs (127.69kg). As a result of my efforts to lose weight, which involves 45 minutes or so of exercise, usually in my small bedroom, daily and eating less food, I now weigh in at 274.6lbs (124.56kg). To put that another way, I’ve lost 6.9lbs (3.13kg) in one week! You can view the before and after photos of my tummy below.

7-10-2015 7-17-2015 Before And After 281.5lbs To 274.6lbs

There’s not a lot of visible difference between the before photo and the after photo, except for maybe a slight flattening of my tummy around my belly button. If I continue to lose weight over the next three weeks or so, I’ll provide updated tummy pictures three weeks from now or so.

I thank everyone who has encouraged me and praised me in my efforts to lose weight and become a fit person.

7-17-2015 274.6lbs Tummy Love
My tummy thanks everyone who has encouraged me in my efforts to lose weight!

4 thoughts on “One week in, and my effort to lose weight is working!

  1. Hey Aaron, congratulations on your continued progress, it’s inspiring! Glad to see that you are getting a lot of exercise in. Are you doing anything different with your diet as far as the types of food you are eating now?


    1. The only thing that I’ve changed with my diet, which mostly consists of junk food, is to simply eat less of what I’ve been eating. About a year or so ago, well before I began exercising and eating less, I significantly cut back on eating sugary candy and soda pop from several times per day to 2-3 times per week.


    1. No, the photos are in the correct order. The photos are on my hard drive, titled so that they’re dated and the weigh-ins are noted. Also, the original photos were taken from slightly different angles; the right-side photo (which I’ve replaced with a different photo) was a straight side shot and close up, whereas the left-side photo (which I’ve kept) was taken at a slight angle and a little more further away.

      I’ve re-shot the right-hand side picture in order to get the angle and distance more like the left-side photo, and I’ve included the corrected before/after photo in the blog post.


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