Open call for contributors to The Progressive Midwesterner

I’m now offering bloggers an opportunity to become contributors to The Progressive Midwesterner.

As a contributor to ProgMid, you’ll have the ability to write and edit blog posts until they are published. However, the administrator of the site (me) will reserve the final decision on whether or not to publish a blog post from a contributor, as well as the right to edit, proofread, modify, delete, and/or refuse to publish blog posts written by contributors, as the administrator sees fit.

Here’s guidelines that I’ll set for ProgMid contributors:

  • Contributors must either be a Democrat, a member of a left-of-center political party, or otherwise have left-leaning or left-wing political views on at least many political issues.
  • Even though the site is called The Progressive Midwesterner because of where I’m from, there are no geographical restrictions regarding where a contributor can be from.
  • Contributors may write about political and/or non-political topics.
  • Blog posts containing illegal activity (physical threats, defamation, etc.), adult content (pornography, etc.), glorification of violence, blatant lies, plagiarism (although quoting or blockquoting not more than a few paragraphs of another article is not considered plagiarism), and/or excessive grammar errors will not be published, unless the administrator decides to edit or modify the article prior to publishing and/or include a disclaimer and/or trigger warning with the article.
  • Contributors are not allowed to accept payment from anyone for their posts.
  • Criticism of the administrator and/or other contributors is allowed, but only if said criticism is constructive in nature.
  • There are no minimum post requirements or maximum post limits for contributors.

While all new contributors to ProgMid are initially given contributor status, those that earn the administrator’s trust can be elevated to author status, which will allow them more autonomy from the administrator by allowing them to write, edit, upload photos to, and publish their own posts on ProgMid.

If you’re interested in being a contributor to The Progressive Midwesterner, email me at and tell me why you want to be a ProgMid contributor. If you comply with both of those, and I think that you’d be a good contributor to this website (my standards aren’t excessively high for contributors), I’ll send you an email inviting you to become a ProgMid, and all you’ll have to do is follow the instructions to accept the invitation and become a ProgMid contributor!

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