Hillary Clinton’s higher education affordability plan? Ridiculous work requirements!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said this to the editorial board of the far-right Des Moines Register, a newspaper that endorsed Mitt Romney in the 2012 general election for president:

Make no mistake about it, work requirements for college students would encourage less Americans to attend college and would make America even more of a low-wage economy than it currently is. It’s extremely difficult for college students to work even a part-time job while attending several college classes per day. Furthermore, the vast majority of college students who do work while in college work low-wage jobs, such as flipping hamburgers at fast food restaurants. People go to college to work a good-paying job after graduation, not work a low-wage job while attending college.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders has a real plan to make college more affordable by taxing Wall Street speculation to pay for truly affordable higher education without a ton of strings attached. With countries like Germany moving to steal our nation’s future by making higher education more affordable, America can’t afford another Clinton workfare scheme.

One thought on “Hillary Clinton’s higher education affordability plan? Ridiculous work requirements!

  1. Obviously the Teachers union does not believe this comment. They endorsed Hillary Clinton as their candidate. It is time to WAKE UP Democrats! The Socialist Party is attempting a take over of our Party. Bernie as Presidential candidate for a Democratic Party Candidate is a full assault on our party. If he wins, the Donkey is tore down and the Socialist party emblem goes up in its place. Don’t be Duped. Hillary has been a Democratic First Lady, Democratic Senator, Democratic Secretary of State. She is a true representative of our Party. The Bernie Manipulation involves the enticement with party similarities. But please read the Socialist platform. The differences are great. That is why there are 2 different Parties.


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