Major League Baseball 2015 Postseason predictions

Since baseball’s postseason begins tomorrow, I’m going to predict the results of the 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) postseason.

For the Wild Card games, since those are a single game in each league, I’ll simply list the predicted winning team defeating the predicted losing team by the predicted score, and, if I predict the game to go extra innings, I’ll list the total number of innings predicted in parenthesis. For the rest of the postseason, since those are best-of-five (League Division Series) and best-of-seven (League Championship Series and World Series) series, I’ll use a tennis-style format of listing the predicted scores (with any extra-inning games having number of innings predicted in parenthesis), with the predicted series-winning team’s scores listed first for each individual game. Additionally, (H) is used to denote the team with home-field advantage in a wild card game, best-of-five series, or best-of-seven series prior to my prediction for the series result.

National League Wild Card (Pirates (H) vs. Cubs single game) – Pirates defeat Cubs 4-3 (15)

American League Wild Card (Yankees (H) vs. Astros single game) – Yankees defeat Astros 6-2

National League Division Series #1 (predicted Cardinals (H) vs. Pirates best-of-five series) – Cardinals defeat Pirates in 3 games – 8-3, 4-2 (10), 6-4

National League Division Series #2 (Mets (H) vs. Dodgers best-of-five series) – Dodgers defeat Mets in 5 games – 3-5, 11-0, 4-3 (11), 5-7, 8-2

American League Division Series #1 (predicted Royals (H) vs. Yankees best-of-five series) – Royals defeat Yankees in 5 games – 2-6, 3-4, 6-5, 4-3, 7-4

American League Division Series #2 (Blue Jays (H) vs. Rangers best-of-five series) – Blue Jays defeat Rangers in 4 games – 11-4, 16-7, 3-9, 8-7 (13)

National League Championship Series (predicted Cardinals (H) vs. Dodgers best-of-seven series) – Cardinals win in 6 games – 8-2, 6-5, 2-3 (10), 4-9, 10-4, 6-3

American League Championship Series (predicted Royals (H) vs. Blue Jays best-of-seven series) – Blue Jays win in 7 games – 3-5, 7-3, 4-2, 7-0, 2-6, 0-4, 5-4

111th World Series (predicted Blue Jays (H) vs. Cardinals best-of-seven series) – Blue Jays defeat Cardinals in 7 games – 2-11, 6-8 (12), 3-4 (10), 13-0, 2-1 (12), 7-4, 3-2 (21)

I predict that the Toronto Blue Jays will win the World Series this year.

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