Bill Goldberg shoots on Donald Trump, says that Trump and Vince McMahon are “off their rocker”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In American professional wrestling parlance, a “shoot interview” refers to an unscripted interview that is not part of a professional wrestling storyline.

Former professional wrestler Bill Goldberg, whose real name is William Goldberg, recently did an impromptu shoot interview with TMZ, in which he sharply criticized Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by comparing him to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) CEO Vince McMahon and saying that both Trump and McMahon are “off their rocker”:

Bill Goldberg says he lost all respect for Donald Trump back in 2010 — saying he’s still pissed about the way he was fired from “The Celebrity Apprentice.”


“I respected him a lot before he fired me,” Goldberg told TMZ Sports.

There’s more … Bill says Trump is basically the same person as WWE honcho Vince McMahon — “They’re both kind of off their rocker.”

You can view a video clip of Goldberg’s TMZ shoot on Trump here.

This reminds me a lot of longtime professional wrestling promoter and manager Jim Cornette’s 2010 shoot on then-U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon (R-CT), the wife of Vince McMahon and a former WWE CEO, in which Cornette blasted Linda and the Republican Party in one of the greatest rants of all time. While Goldberg didn’t go as far as Cornette did in criticizing a political figure, Goldberg’s remarks give you a general idea of how much of a horrible person Trump is.

To my knowledge, Goldberg has not endorsed a presidential candidate.


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