Donald Trump-owned steakhouse briefly shut down in 2012 for health code violations

With the race for the Republican presidential nomination in full swing, a SuperPAC supporting Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is invoking Donald Trump’s now-discontinued line of steaks, Trump Steaks, in an ad campaign against Trump.

That reminds me of something…Trump owns a steakhouse in Las Vegas, which was briefly shut down in 2012 for health code violations:

…The Trump Steakhouse in Las Vegas was briefly shut down following 51 health code violations, including expired yogurt and five-month old duck.

Here’s more, from a November 2012 New York Daily News report:

A Las Vegas Strip restaurant bearing the initials of celebrity financierĀ Donald Trump was briefly shut down after health inspectors found violations including month-old caviar and expired yogurt.


While ready-to-eat food can be stored for up to seven days, inspectors at DJT reported finding the old caviar and yogurt, duck that dated back to June (of 2012), veal stock and tomato sauce that was almost two weeks old, and expired peanut dressing and black bean chili.

Inspectors found no measures to destroy parasites in undercooked halibut and salmon, and noted that raw tuna was being improperly thawed. Icicles were found in a faulty freezer.

While Trump Steaks are no longer available for retail, DJT is still in operation to this day.

While I’d never vote for someone as anti-union as John Kasich, this is yet another reason why Donald Trump shouldn’t be elected to any kind of public office, much less the presidency.


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