The Bernie Sanders electability argument in one tweet

When Bernie Sanders trusts someone to advise him, he trusts people like Sara Goldrick-Rab, who is a education policy and sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Goldrick-Rab is also a frequent user of Twitter, and she only needed one tweet to make a compelling case for how Bernie is a more electable presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton:

If you were to ask me where there would be a significant number of people who support Bernie for the Democratic nomination, but would support obnoxious Republican Donald Trump if forced to chose between Hillary and Trump in the general election, I would immediately think of places with a sizable white working-class population, such as West Virginia or northern parts of Wisconsin. Cambridge, Massachusetts does not fit that mold at all, as it’s a predominantly white-collar Boston suburb home to an elite Ivy League institution of higher education, an area that should be very favorable to someone like Hillary. It’s worth noting that Hanover, New Hampshire, also home to an Ivy League institution, was one of Hillary’s strongest areas in the New Hampshire Democratic primary earlier this month.

The fact that there are more than a few people in, of all places, Cambridge, Massachusetts who are willing to vote for Bernie Sanders, but would rather vote for a flame-throwing bigot like Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton is an extremely compelling electability argument for Bernie.


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