ENDORSEMENT: Jimmy Anderson for 47th Assembly District of Wisconsin

I proudly endorse Wisconsin State Assembly candidate Jimmy Anderson for the Democratic nomination in the 47th Assembly District of Wisconsin.

Before I rage against the Democratic establishment yet another time (you know it’s coming), I’ll say a few things about the candidate that I’m endorsing. Jimmy Anderson was nearly killed by a drunk driver in 2010, in fact, Anderson is a quadriplegic as a result of the injuries he sustained in an automobile crash. After finishing law school, Anderson founded a non-profit group that gives out free breathalyzers and helps victims of drunk drivers with various expenses. Anderson is a progressive-minded Wisconsinite who will fight for government transparency, restore workers’ rights, protect Wisconsin’s environment, and fight for equal rights. This press release from almost a week ago lists Katie Belanger, a political consultant and LGBT rights advocate, as Anderson’s campaign treasurer.

Now, about that pesky Democratic establishment…Anderson is running for a state assembly seat that is currently held by another “Democrat” (if you wish to refer to him as such), Robb Kahl. Kahl supported Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker during his 2010 campaign, and, thanks to people like Kahl supporting Walker, Walker and his far-right Republican allies went on to bust labor unions in Wisconsin, repeal environmental regulations, drive down wages, and make it harder for women to ensure that they’re paid the same as their male counterparts, among other things. To say the least, Kahl and his buddies in the Democratic establishment in Wisconsin are not fond of the idea of someone running against him, and, while they didn’t make fun of Anderson’s disability, they did something that is, in my opinion, even worse:

This is such a distraction,” said Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh. “Think about this. Hopefully all 35 of us (Democrats in the Assembly) are going to come out strongly for Robb. Every dollar and every door that we do for our colleague is another dollar and another door that we’re not doing in a Republican district that we can win. When we pick up a seat or two fewer in the fall, I’m going to think about these so-called progressive hypocrites that went after this unnecessary seat to make themselves happy or to high-five their friends at the co-op.”


Hintz said he generally has mixed feelings about primary challenges in safe districts, adding that it’s not enough for the incumbent to have voted with the party. Kahl, he said, has been a team player who works to get Democrats elected throughout the state.


“I’m in the business of trying to elect more Democrats, not trying to increase the size of the Solidarity Singers,” Hintz said.

Gordon Hintz, who operated a motor vehicle without proof of insurance and, before that, was fined over $2,000 for sexual misconduct, is also the type of guy who disparages progressives in Dane County, Wisconsin’s second-largest county by population for their way of life, believes that democracy is a distraction, thinks that state legislators should spend more time getting political cronies elected than legislating, and attacks people for singing.

If Hintz’s remarks weren’t offensive enough, Kahl himself, who hasn’t officially decided whether or not to run for re-election, went full elitist when asked about Anderson’s candidacy:

Kahl has yet to announce whether he’ll run for reelection. “Jimmy’s been talking about running for a couple of months now, so this isn’t a surprise,” Kahl says. “Jimmy has a compelling life story, but he’s never held elected office, and the people in my district know me, they know that I run to serve, and I will have their support if seeking the nomination is what I decide to do.”

According to Article IV, Section 6 of the Wisconsin Constitution, anyone who is a resident of Wisconsin for at least one calendar year before the election, and is legally eligible to vote, can run for state assembly in the district in which he or she resides. For Kahl to attack Anderson for not having held prior elected office is, in my opinion, elitist, since both Kahl and Anderson both meet the legal qualifications to run for state assembly in the 47th Assembly District of Wisconsin.

If you’re tired of royalist, elitist, patronizing, demeaning, and out-of-touch political insiders thinking that the Democratic Party should be an exclusive club for them and their cronies, then support Jimmy Anderson for Wisconsin State Assembly in the 47th Assembly District.


6 thoughts on “ENDORSEMENT: Jimmy Anderson for 47th Assembly District of Wisconsin

  1. Elitism is a small band of people, in this case out of district 47, deciding for the people they want Jimmy. What’s the attraction? It has a $ and seven figures next to it. It’s called COUNTY OF STANISLAUS v, ANDERSON.


  2. You may wish to give your April endorsement a re-think. As a resident of Wisconsin’s 47th assembly district, I don’t like his candidacy.
    Anderson moved to our district some two years ago, after begging off running in the neighboring district.
    Anderson, as a citizen, missed major votes for state office including three Supreme Court races and the State Superintendent of Education, and yes, he has never held elected office. He just parachuted into the district from Tom Hebl’s district and said, ‘I’m here,’ and loaned his campaign over $85,000 and counting.
    Even his positions are vague nostrums. Look, I’m sympathetic to Jimmy’s tragedy in California, (California being a fact he leaves out of his literature and campaign webpage because this fact would not resonate as well when he describes his accident for political purposes), but I refuse to donate my local state representative’s office to the cause.
    The guy wants to run for office with no experience and no community involvement in our district? Talk about elitism, he can do it in another district.


    1. Regarding your attack on Jimmy Anderson not voting in multiple elections, the same type of attack line was attempted by many people against Martha Laning in the DPW chair race a little more than a year ago, and it failed. Also, I saw the letter that you wrote to The Cap Times on their website…usually, when one calls for voting but anybody but a particular candidate in a multi-way race, that’s usually, but not always, a losing tactic. Remember the Anybody But Carter movement in 1976?


      1. I live here, dude.
        Do we really want campaigns to be a competition among the most compelling medical disabilities? Whatever happened to my concerns as a resident being paramount?
        We’re being asked to support Jimmy because of his tragedy in California. Check his political lit. Absent his tragedy he has no campaign. And I am sympathetic.
        But it matters who my state rep. is. Jimmy Anderson doesn’t know the issues, has no elected office or political experience, no district experience, he just came in and got some good press, leaving out this tragedy occurred in California in the reams of campaign lit.
        I’m opposing this candidacy on the grounds that it does not serve me as a resident.
        On that basis there are two well-qualified candidates left.
        But from the pro-Jimmy forces contacting me on social media, all of whom are out-of-district, our household no longer constitutes stakeholders in our home state assembly district.
        This is a wrong-headed state of affairs. It sucks.


        1. I didn’t endorse Jimmy Anderson because some drunk driver nearly killed him. I endorsed Anderson because Gordon Hintz, Robb Kahl, and their cronies in the Assembly Democratic caucus are a bunch of elitist morons who A) went extremely negative in a downright nasty manner against Anderson before Kahl decided whether or not to seek another term (Kahl decided against seeking another term, because Anderson would have railed against the Walker-Kahl corporate agenda had Kahl run for another term), B) think that they, not the Democratic primary voters of your Assembly district, should decide who the Democratic nominee in your Assembly district is, and C) isn’t someone who is running for public office just to collect a paycheck and worry about the next election.


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