Donald Trump implicated in Scott Walker corruption scandal in Wisconsin

A recent leak of documents from the John Doe II investigation into allegations that Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) illegally coordinated with outside political groups (most notably the Wisconsin chapter of the right-wing group Club for Growth), has, yet again, shown that the Walker Administration in Wisconsin is grotesquely corrupt. You can view the documents here, and the British newspaper The Guardian has a special feature on the document release here.

As evidenced by the leaked documents, the corruption trail is so deep in Wisconsin, it leads right up to the individual that the Republican Party nominated for President of the United States in this year’s presidential election, Donald Trump.

According to a recently leaked email, Walker was scheduled to meet with Donald Trump at 725 Fifth Avenue in New York City on the afternoon of April 3, 2012. 725 Fifth Avenue is the street address of Trump Tower, the headquarters of Donald Trump’s business empire. At the time, Walker was facing a recall attempt against him, with the recall election scheduled for June of that year (Walker went on to survive the recall attempt against him).

On the exact same day that Walker was scheduled to meet with Trump, Trump wrote a check, a photocopy of which was recently leaked, for $15,000. The check was not written either to Scott Walker personally or to Friends of Scott Walker, Walker’s official gubernatorial campaign committee, but instead to “Wisconsin Club for Growth Inc.”. Wisconsin Club for Growth is an outside political group that has spent millions of dollars supporting Republican political efforts in Wisconsin.

I don’t think for one second that Wisconsin Club for Growth receiving a check from Trump on the same day Walker met with Trump is merely a coincidence. In fact, the document leak, at a minimum, suggests that Trump has been an active player in Republican corruption in Wisconsin.


One thought on “Donald Trump implicated in Scott Walker corruption scandal in Wisconsin

  1. It is amazing people attack one side without looking at all sides. All have good and bad but which has the least. Clinton is bashed for everything but has been investigated numerous times by republicans and democrats together who found she has done nothing wrong. The report was just over 50 pages but had little press. Her husband’s foundation has released tons of information that is not required and has been cleared of doing anything wrong. Trump view on immigration is good, illegals come here to get the best jobs possible and do so by stealing citizens identifications. However, his foundation has clear pay-to-play which they accuse Clinton of with no proof. Trump gave Florida Attorney General Bondi $25,000 and she decided after the donation not to pursue Trump University. Trump was fined $2,500 by the I.R.S. for the illegal contribution. Clinton money for 9/11. Trump said his businesses were not affected by 9/11 yet received $150,000 from funds meant to help businesses who were affected recover. Clinton released tax info and her running mate but Trump refuses despite his running mate Pence who released his taxes, what is he hiding? Trump has been fined for discriminating against renting to people of color, his greenmail campaign which is said to of made him over $200 million for which he was fined $3 million for what he did and no relief for the jobs lost like with his casinos. Filing Bankruptcy and making money, does that make sense and then to stiff those who worked or did work for you when you being Trump walked away with millions? The lists go on and from what I can tell there is no way anyone should vote for Trump who has become Mr. Scripted only reading teleprompters or directly from notes his bosses give him to say. I won’t get into the things he says about people because there is more than enough reasons to keep his votes to 1 (himself).


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