An open letter to the women of Poland

To the women of Poland,

I have learned of the proposed total ban on abortions in Poland via internet news sources. I have also learned that, on Monday, a large number of you wore black-colored clothing and went on strike against the proposed legislation.

I applaud all of you for standing up your fellow women!

The proposed legislation would be detrimental to Polish women. The legislation, if enacted, would, among other things, ban abortion in Poland with no exceptions and ban other forms of reproductive health care in Poland. The legislation would strip you and your fellow Polish women of your right to make your own health care decisions in regards to reproductive health, and it would also result in the loss of the lives of many pregnant women. In some cases, doctors would be legally forced to allow women to die instead of providing life-saving reproductive health care.

Very few Polish people want this legislation, but right-wing politicians and Catholic clergy want to determine what kind of health care you can receive. I encourage you to keep opposing the politicians and the religious leaders that do not believe in women’s rights.

I trust women!

Aaron Camp


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