My thoughts about a certain individual’s claims of voter fraud

As someone who will be one of thousands of people across this country who will be responsible for administering the November 8, 2016 elections, I cannot remain silent regarding a certain individual, who does not need to be named, making claims about voter fraud in the upcoming elections.

I take allegations regarding violations of election laws very seriously. Quite frankly, the individual who is making the loudest complaints about voter fraud appears to be using political hyperbole and does not appear to be making any credible claims about violations of election laws.

Voting is something I regard as a very important civic duty for those who are legally eligible to vote. In fact, I consider voting to be the single most important civic duty that a citizen of the United States of America is expected to do.

I have voted in every single election in my home precinct here in Illinois since the November 2008 elections. In every election except the one which will be held next month (I have already voted in-person early for the upcoming election), I have voted in-person on the date of the election. I have never once experienced a single problem at the polls. I want voters in the precinct where I and four other individuals will be responsible for precinct-level, Election Day administration to have the same positive experience at the polls in their home precinct that I have had in my home precinct.

I have absolutely no interest in rigging the elections for particular candidate(s). I promise that I will conduct my Election Day duty in a fair, honest, and ethical manner, in accordance with federal law, Illinois state law, and the election judge training that I have received. In Illinois, both major political parties will be represented at the judges’ table in every Illinois precinct, as state law demands that three of five election judges in each precinct be of one of the two major parties and the other two be of the other major party.

Quite frankly, I take offense to the kind of claims that are coming from the certain individual about a rigged election. If I were asked by someone to rig an election for any given candidate(s), I would refuse to serve as an election judge. The fact that I am serving as an election judge for a two-year term in my home county here in Illinois is proof that I have full faith in the democratic process and my ability, as well as the ability of my fellow election judges, to ensure that the democratic process works smoothly for all voters. I regard democracy and the ability of citizens of this great country to participate in the democratic process as very important, and I promise to do everything possible to ensure that those who are eligible and willing to vote in the precinct where I will serve as an election judge are able to exercise their civic duty of voting.


2 thoughts on “My thoughts about a certain individual’s claims of voter fraud

  1. The real issue is not voter fraud anyway. It vote theft that is the problem. When polling centers are closed, mostly in areas that are predetermined to vote a certain way, when voters loose their legitimate voting registration in certain areas that lean heavily for one political party over another, When post polling results differ greatly from the supposed actual count, when gerrymandering has rendered the votes of many voters irrelevant, when the local media unfairly dismisses a campaign opponent for not being corporate enough, when the elite of a party intentionally biased in their efforts towards their personal preference of who should the winner be, when rich people and corporations pour huge amounts of money to drowned their opponents messaging. Their are so many more ways to steal the right to vote as well a diminishing the relevance of the vote one makes. The problem being, you have few options, if any, to do anything about the issues listed above. Problem being, you may have or will fall pray to any one or more of these voting access issues. So, is their a problem? You can bet your ass there is.


    1. As an election judge, the only one of the issues you raised that would be in my jurisdiction to any degree is the issue of voter registrations going missing. I have never known that issue to occur in my home county in Illinois, although I have heard reports of that occurring in other states, most notably during the New York presidential primaries earlier this year.


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