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Bernie Sanders: the Alan Kulwicki of presidential politics

Bernie Sanders has absolutely zero intention of abandoning his bid for the Democratic nomination, despite efforts from President Barack Obama to convince what few big-money Democratic donors have not yet thrown their support behind Hillary to do so.

What the corporate media, Democratic insiders, and even Republicans like Donald Trump don’t understand about Bernie is that he’s basically the Alan Kulwicki of presidential politics.

For those of you who have never heard of Alan Kulwicki, he was a NASCAR driver who won the series championship in NASCAR’s highest division in 1992. Kulwicki ran his own race team and did things his own way. Bernie’s style of politics is very reminiscent of Kulwicki’s attitude towards auto racing, in that Bernie runs his political campaigns largely independently of a political establishment of any kind and does things his own way.

Also, there’s a critical similarity between Alan Kulwicki’s run to the 1992 NASCAR crown and Bernie’s run to the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination: Kulwicki was down by 278 points in the race for the series championship with only a few races remaining, while Bernie is down by a little over 300 pledged delegates with roughly half of the Democratic nomination contests remaining.

I think it’s time for another Kulwicki charge up the standings, America!