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Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Williams EXPOSES Hillary donors as racist

Just a few days before South Carolina votes on a Democratic presidential nominee, a Black Lives Matter activist by the name of Ashley Williams interrupted a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in South Carolina to question Hillary over her past statements referring to black people as “super-predators”:

The predominantly-white group of Hillary donors booed Williams, and here’s how one of them responded on Twitter to Williams’s questioning of Hillary:

Hillary’s people think that Bernie Sanders is the most racist piece of trash on the planet (that award actually goes to Donald Trump), yet they’re the ones who are actually racist and act like they’re entitled. This is a textbook example of white privilege.

If you want a president who will fight for racial equality and not act like some privileged racist, vote for Bernie!


Bernie Sanders PWNS pro-Donald Trump heckler

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first blog post of the year 2016 on The Progressive Midwesterner!

As chronicled by a member of the progressive political website DailyKos, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was heckled by a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a Bernie rally on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst). Yet, that didn’t stop Bernie from getting in a memorable line about Donald Trump’s gigantic personal wealth:

Bernie Sanders and his supporters dispatched a Donald Trump heckler at his ‘Future to Believe’ Rally at the University of Massachusetts,  in Amherst.  The heckler was shouting ‘Shame on you.’ After the crowd erupted, he was escorted out without incident.

Bernie Sanders did not get off message but had a very good comeback for the guy. “Here is a Trump supporter,” Sanders said. “Worried about Mr. Trump’s money.” More on that later.

You can view a video of the part of the rally in question here:


Donald Trump condones mob violence against a black person

Jeremy Diamond, a reporter for CNN, posted this Twitter video of a black man being physically assaulted by attendees of a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally in Birmingham, Alabama earlier today:

According to CNN and Raw Story, the protester was heard saying “black lives matter”, referring to the Black Lives Matter movement, which prompted several Trump supporters to physically assault the protestor. Trump himself can be heard saying “get him the hell out of here” or something along those lines, which, in effect, amounted to condoning the violence against the protester. According to the Birmingham (AL) Police, three people were removed from the rally by law enforcement as a result of the scuffle.

With Donald Trump calling for an unconstitutional surveillance scheme of mosques in the United States and preventing Syrian refugees to enter the U.S. instead of facing the threat of death at the hands of ISIS and/or the Assad regime in Syria, it’s no surprise that a mob of Trump’s far-right supporters would physically assault a peaceful protestor. While Trump has every right to remove people he doesn’t like from a campaign event (all other presidential candidates have the same right to remove people they don’t like from their campaign events), his supporters don’t have the right to form a mob and beat up a peaceful protestor.