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The Bernie Sanders electability argument in one tweet

When Bernie Sanders trusts someone to advise him, he trusts people like Sara Goldrick-Rab, who is a education policy and sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Goldrick-Rab is also a frequent user of Twitter, and she only needed one tweet to make a compelling case for how Bernie is a more electable presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton:

If you were to ask me where there would be a significant number of people who support Bernie for the Democratic nomination, but would support obnoxious Republican Donald Trump if forced to chose between Hillary and Trump in the general election, I would immediately think of places with a sizable white working-class population, such as West Virginia or northern parts of Wisconsin. Cambridge, Massachusetts does not fit that mold at all, as it’s a predominantly white-collar Boston suburb home to an elite Ivy League institution of higher education, an area that should be very favorable to someone like Hillary. It’s worth noting that Hanover, New Hampshire, also home to an Ivy League institution, was one of Hillary’s strongest areas in the New Hampshire Democratic primary earlier this month.

The fact that there are more than a few people in, of all places, Cambridge, Massachusetts who are willing to vote for Bernie Sanders, but would rather vote for a flame-throwing bigot like Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton is an extremely compelling electability argument for Bernie.


Why Bernie Sanders is the Democrats’ most electable presidential candidate

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has become one of the toughest tickets in America, and he backed that statement up once again by drawing several thousand people to a political rally in Portland, Maine, a city with a population of 66,194 people.

You might be asking yourself…why is Bernie Sanders gaining so much support? Well, long story short, Bernie is actually the most electable presidential candidate that Democrats could nominate, and there’s a number of reasons why:

  • Bernie is a progressive – When I say that Bernie was progressive before it was cool, that’s the truth. Bernie has stood up for workers’ rights, LGBT rights, progressive taxation, and other progressive ideals for decades. With America becoming more and more polarized politically, Democrats need someone who stands up for progressive values to be the party’s standard bearer.
  • Bernie talks about ideas – The political hallmark of Bernie is that, when he talks about politics, he talks about actual political issues. While far too many politicians and the corporate media view politics as if it were a sporting event or a soap opera, Bernie talks about actual issues that affect the American people, such as infrastructure, the environment, income inequality, and college affordability.
  • Bernie is consistent – Throughout his decades-long political career, Bernie’s views on most political issues have gone unchanged. Very few politicians can claim that.
  • Bernie is not a puppet for the wealthy – Bernie is for the people, not the billionaires. In fact, his campaign has received its financial support from people donating small amounts of money to his campaign, and his campaign message has reflected the fact that he’s not for the billionaires.
  • Bernie inspires people – Bernie has drawn large crowds to rallies in places like Madison, Wisconsin and Portland, Maine. That’s because his campaign message and platform resonates with a large segment of the American population
  • Hillary Clinton is too insular to win the general election – While I’m not a fan of the corporate media in this country, operatives for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign recently used a lasso to keep the media away from Hillary at a parade in New Hampshire. The fact that Hillary thinks that she can win a presidential election while her operatives treat members of the press like cattle gives you a general idea of how much of a trainwreck Hillary’s campaign is, and the fact that Hillary has run an insular campaign so far isn’t helping matters at all.
  • Berniementum has left no room for Democrats other than Bernie or Hillary to gain¬†traction¬†– The rise of Bernie’s presidential campaign has made Bernie the progressive standard-bearer against Hillary, the Democratic establishment’s candidate for president. That leaves other Democrats running for president without any ability to build a political base, and they don’t have any chance of winning the Democratic nomination.