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SITE UPDATE: New blog to launch later today

The Progressive Midwesterner will be launching later this afternoon, a few months earlier than expected.

Starting today, my coverage of national, international, state-level, and local-level politics outside of Illinois and Wisconsin will be on here, and The Progressive Idealist and The Apollo Diary, two of my blogs, will no longer be updated, although I’ll keep them online for archival purposes.

My blog posts about Illinois and Wisconsin politics will still be available at Blue Downstate and The Prairie Badger for the next few months, but, starting December 1st, my coverage of Illinois and Wisconsin politics will move to this blog as well.

New blog launching January 1, 2015

I’m Aaron Camp, and, coming January 1, 2015, The Progressive Midwesterner will be my new home for all of my political blogging activities, with the exception of a few articles that I’ll write for DailyKos and Prairie State Blue.

The four blogs that I currently use, Blue Downstate, The Prairie Badger, The Progressive Idealist, and The Apollo Diary, will no longer be updated after December 31, 2014, although I’ll keep them online for archival purposes only. If you have one or more of these blogs on your blogroll, please update your blogrolls to include The Progressive Midwesterner, although please do not remove any of my other four blogs from your blogroll until January 1, 2015.

Starting next year, I’ll write primarily about Illinois, Wisconsin, and national politics on The Progressive Midwesterner, and I’ll also write about other political subjects, as well non-political subjects, from time to time.