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Bernie Sanders strongly criticizes Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric

From Bernie himself, via a recent campaign email:

I want to say a few things about Donald Trump and specifically about his comments tonight that we should ban all Muslims from coming to the United States, even American Muslims returning home from overseas.

It’s fun for the political media to treat Donald Trump like he’s the lead character in a soap opera or the star player on a baseball team. But the truth is his language is dangerous, especially as it empowers his supporters to act out against Muslims, Latinos, and African-Americans.

Poll after poll shows that I am the candidate best suited to take on Donald Trump and every other Republican running for president.

With multiple opinion polls showing Bernie being the most electable Democratic presidential candidate in hypothetical matchups against Trump, it’s clear that we need to do everything possible to help Bernie to win the Democratic nomination. One thing you can do is vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democracy for America (DfA) online poll. Should Bernie get at least two-thirds of the vote in the online poll, DfA will endorse Bernie.


STRAW POLL: Dane County, Wisconsin secession

Given that the Republican-controlled Wisconsin state government has, time and time again, repeatedly shown their hatred of the City of Madison, Wisconsin’s second-largest city, and Dane County, Wisconsin’s second-largest and most progressive county, I’m going to try to gauge support of a hypothetical Dane County secession movement in my latest straw poll.

The poll, which is a non-binding, non-scientific, online straw poll, has three options. If you oppose Dane County seceding from Wisconsin in any form, vote “No”. If you support Dane County seceding from Wisconsin and becoming a U.S. state onto itself, vote “Yes, and Dane County should become a U.S. state onto itself”. If you support Dane County seceding from both Wisconsin and the United States and, therefore, becoming a sovereign country, vote “Yes, and Dane County should become a sovereign country”.

I’ll keep the poll open until at least 4 P.M. CDT on May 13, 2015, and, if at least 50 total votes are cast, I’ll write a blog post about the poll results. Since I am not a resident of Dane County, Wisconsin, I will not vote in the straw poll.

You can vote in the straw poll here:

STRAW POLL: 2016 U.S. Senate Democratic primary in Illinois

I’m going to conduct a straw poll of declared and potential Democratic candidates in the upcoming 2016 U.S. Senate election here in Illinois. There is currently only one declared Democratic candidate, Tio Hardiman, a political activist from Chicago, but several other Democrats are considering. The straw poll includes dozens of potential Democratic U.S. Senate candidates, including several you probably didn’t think of as potential opponents to Republican incumbent Mark Kirk, and you also have the option of writing-in a potential candidate that I’ve not listed. I’ll keep the poll online until 10 P.M. Central Daylight Time on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, although I may decide to shut the poll down at a later date and time than that.

You can vote in the poll here: