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Hillary Clinton raises $18 million for Democratic victory fund that is promoting Hillary, not downballot Democrats

In the last three months of 2015, Hillary Clinton raised $18 million for a Democratic victory fund that is supposed to go towards supporting and promoting Democratic candidates running for, among other offices, seats in both houses of Congress.

Recently, I saw a web ad for Hillary’s victory fund for the first time, and it certainly didn’t promote those downballot Democrats (screengrab below):

HVF Hillary Web Ad
Not exactly a downballot candidate (web ad courtesy of Hillary Victory Fund, screengrab by the author)

Even worse, the web ad, paid for by a group that is promising to support Democrats running in non-presidential races, asks people to “join the official Clinton campaign”. Hillary has used her fundraising haul for her victory fund to claim that she’s supporting Democrats up and down the ballot, when, in reality, her victory fund is promoting her own presidential campaign, and, therefore, her claim is total bullshit.