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Bruce Rauner supports poverty wages for employees of Illinois state vendors

Republican Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner reversed an executive order by the previous governor that briefly required state vendors to pay their employees at least $10/hour. With Rauner’s new executive order, state vendors in Illinois can now get away with paying their employees only $8.25/hour, the current state minimum wage for most wage-earners:

Ten weeks after the Illinois election, Gov. Bruce Rauner might have finally ended the campaign Friday by rescinding seven executive orders that his defeated opponent issued in his final week in office.

Rauner – by executive order – canceled action taken by ex-Gov. Pat Quinn, including three decrees the Democrat announced Monday, his final day in office.

They included requiring governors to disclose income tax returns by May and commanding state vendors to pay employees $10 an hour, instead of the current minimum wage of $8.25.

While $10/hour isn’t exactly what I’d call a living wage, to allow those who contract with the State of Illinois to pay their employees only $8.25/hour is a pro-poverty policy. In fact, in our state’s capital, Springfield, $8.25/hour would only be considered a living wage for a single adult living by himself/herself, and $8.25/hour would be a poverty wage for any one-adult family with at least two children and any two-adult family with at least one child.