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Sexist “KFC Hillary Special” buttons make a comeback at Florida GOP confab

While I’m a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, I strongly dislike the sexism that’s been directed at Hillary Clinton. Most recently, the overtly sexist “KFC Hillary Special” buttons, which were seen at the 2013 California State Republican Convention, have now been spotted at this year’s Florida Republican Sunshine Summit, an annual Republican gathering in Florida. The buttons falsely claim that KFC, a fried chicken fast food chain owned by Yum! Foods, is offering a “Hillary Special” consisting of “2 fat thighs”, “2 small breasts”, and a “left wing”.

I have two points about this. First off, KFC is not, to my knowledge, actually offering a “Hillary special” of any kind, nor would they be willing to piss off a large portion of their customers by naming a fried chicken meal after Hillary. Secondly, mocking Hillary’s thighs and breasts is absurdly sexist. After all, Republicans wouldn’t make that kind of campaign button referencing Bernie, Martin O’Malley, or any other male political figure.

Remember, sexism is always finger-licking bad!